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Blogging Advent – Day Two: November 30, 2015

So how did Advent become associated with beginning around St. Andrew’s Day?

As always, the road to researching this led to other unexpected information about Advent.  There are some sources indicating that Advent actually started with a 40 day fast before Christmas on November 11th – St. Martin’s Day – in the fifth century.  During the sixth century the fasting portion of the program was eliminated, and Advent then began around St. Andrew’s Day, November 30th, which is the date traditionally associated with Andrew’s martyrdom.  Why St. Andrew’s Day for starting Advent?  Andrew is considered to be the first apostle; he was originally a disciple of John the Baptist, who then introduced him to Jesus.

Tomorrow we will look at the colors associated with Advent.  Read John 1:35  – 42 to see how Andrew became a follower of Christ.