Another Side of Mother’s Day

This Sunday is Mother’s Day, and the ad campaign is ramping up:

*buy beautiful cards
*express loving sentiments
*acknowledge all she has done for you
*send flowers
*give jewelry
*take her out to dinner

But for some, Mother’s Day is a reminder of how our moms don’t fit the idyllic picture of:


What cards and gifts are out there to give to mothers who are:

*mentally ill
*physically and/or psychologically abusive, or even

This is not a Hallmark moment holiday for us; the best we send is never good enough or is looked upon with suspicion. Any time we spend with our mothers on this day will only result in them – and us – being left tense and bitter, doing more harm than good.

My Mother’s Day will be spent with my husband, son, and his family, including our four grandchildren. They will serve me a grilled lobster tail with baked potato and the fixings, and I will be thankful for this time spent with family and humbled that they are honoring me.

My mother, though, and many others like her, will spend tomorrow alone, because their behaviors have driven their families away.

I wish it could be different.


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